Uninstalling IONOS Cloud Backup Agent for Linux

I’ve used the IONOS Cloud Backup option for a while to back up my Plesk VM but having recently purchased a Synology NAS I’ve moved the backup solution to that instead.

Having tried (and failed) to find an article on the IONOS website on how to remove the agent (there’s an article on how to install here), here’s some quick steps after a bit of Googling.

IONOS Cloud Backup is essentially a rebadged Acronis service and the backup agent seems to be the same. After finding this article on the Acronis website I opened a SSH session and checked that the directory path listed was present on my VM which it was.

So uninstalling is just a case of running

sudo /usr/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/uninstall/uninstall

Obviously after that you may wish to go into the Cloud Backup panel and clean up the old backups etc. so you aren’t charged for the storage.

Making a Change

Thinking about switching a hobby or interest into a career? Read on.

I thought for my first proper post here I would take a bit of time to consider how I ended up where I am today.

I’d been mainly in security jobs after leaving University for various different companies, some worse than others, but I fell into the work even though I didn’t really enjoy any of it. Then in late 2017, motivated mainly by the enhanced salary, I decided to apply to train as a bus driver. It was while spending 40 hours a week on your own essentially that I decided I needed to make a change.

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Welcome Back

Vintage WordPress install on mbarn.es circa. 2012 courtesy of The Wayback Machine

8 years, numerous job changes and one pandemic later I’ve decided to throw back to the mid 2000s and kick this site back in to a blog.

It’s going to be more a holding spot of any interesting technical information for me really so if you have come here as the result of a Google in the future welcome and hopefully my ramblings will be of use to someone.

No doubt various IT technician related topics will be covered as I come across interesting problems in the day job.

There might also be some campervan related bits although most of that is covered over at T4 Travels.

Usual disclaimer from the outset that any posts on here are my own opinion and not those of my employer.